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How to make signage noticeable:

Begin with the end in mind. Ask yourself what you are trying to do with this sign. Are you trying to sell something, give the potential customer information or give them direction?

You need to make sure the information on your sign gets across the message you intended. In other words, make sure you know what you are trying to accomplish before you spend money.

Don't forget "in-store" signage. These little signs can have big impact on your customers.

Sometimes referred to as "shelf talkers," small signs sticking on the shelves can generate interest and create a call to action for your customers.

Plus, a little color breaks up the consistent shelve signage that the customer regularly sees. Grocery stores use this tactic effectively. I believe more small businesses could use this strategy to generate in-store "buzz."

Seek a professional's guidance. Get some ideas and feedback from sign specialists like us.

Place the sign where it's noticeable. If people can't see the sign, they sure as heck can't read it.

Know the zoning ordinances for your city and county. Many municipalities regulate signage. Many require that an application and sign plan be submitted and approved before a sign permit will be issued. Before you spend a dime for signage, find out if the sign ordinances in your area provide guidelines regarding size, placement, lighting and other criteria.

Keep it simple. Keep in mind that you are dealing with limited space, so your message must be clear and simple. Don't try to cram too much in a small space.

The cleaner and simpler the sign, the greater the impact it will have and the easier it will be for your potential clients to remember the message regarding your business.

Make it legible. Test your signage - drive past it and see whether you can read it while driving. Also, how does it look at night versus during the day?

Be consistent in your branding efforts. Make sure your sign reflects the same brand as all your other marketing efforts.

Consistency in color, logo and other details help you reinforce your company brand.



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